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Rian Luang Por Rerm Yok Chor Fa Uposot 2527 BE Guru Monk Coin Amulet

Rian Tong Daeng Luang Por Rerm Jakupalo Sacred Guru Monk Coin in the image of Luang Por Rerm Jakupalo, of Wat Ton Son, from the year 2527 BE, Blessed in Buddha Abhiseka at Wat Huay Mara Temple, in Chonburi. The amulet was created to release in the celebration of raising of the temple roof struts (beams) of the Uposatha shrine room of Wat Huay Mara. The front face of the amulet features the image of Luang Por Rerm Jakupalo seated in meditative posture.  The rear face of the coin features the Yant Ha (Yant Grabork Khwai) with the Kata Pra Putta Jao Ha Pra Ongk (Namō Puttāya).

Rian Krop Rorb 61 Luang Por Yiw Wat Sap Badan
Rian Krop Rorb 61 Luang Por Yiw Wat Sap Badan


Luang Por Rerm was a Geji Ajarn Monk born in the year 2445 BE. He ordained into the Buddhist Sangha at a very early age, when his father passed away (about ten years old). He was a monk who was renowned for his knowledge and ability in Horasart (Astrology) and his photographic memory. His ability to recite long verses and chant them in a way that the listener would be able to remember after first hearing was considered miraculous.

Luang Por Rerm was said to have special abilities, and was able to tell people where their lost belongings were, if they were stolen or misplaced, and where they could be found. His abilities caused him to be highly revered and respected by the devotees. The day he died, on the 20th October 2517 BE, a strange sudden storm appeared and flooded the whole province of Chonburi, which was seen by his devotees to be a sign of the Heavens declaring his passing from this world into the next.

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Ma Sep Nang Love Locket Ajahn Dtecharangsri

In Ma Saep Nang Taep Tida Love Locket Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri

Presenting an Extremely High Powered Prai Necromantic Sacred Locket bearing the Image and Invocations of the Taep Tida (Ma Sep Nang) Lady-Horse lovers, with coarse concentrated Muan Sarn Sacred Prai Powders, Takrut Maha Sanaeh, Necromantic Chin Aathan pieces, and Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Enchanted Gemstones, from Lanna Hilltribe Monk and Infamous Necromantic Sorceror Monk, Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri.

There is a Fable that there was once a family who had a very beautiful daughter. This family reared horses for a living, and their horses were famous for their incredible beauty. The daughter took care of the horses every day until one day she felt intense desire for the horse she had become attached to, and consummated her desires with the horse (had sex with it).

When the family found out about the event, they were incredibly offended and angry, and they killed the horse which the daughter had been caring for and had sex with. The daughter heard of this, and became so sad, that she died of a broken heart, from sorrow for loss of her horse and lover.

The ancient Kroo Ba Ajarns of Old believed that this particular horse had an incredible power of Maha Sanaeh (charm and attraction). So strong indeed, that even a Human Woman could fall in love with it and allow it to have sexual contact. For this reason the In Ma Sep Nang is an extremely powerful love charm, and that whoever carries it will certainly have the charming effect on others around him or her.

The Ma Sep Nang is considered a denizen of the prai Spirit Realms for the fact that is is usually empowered with the presence of an Inhabitant Prai Deva within the Sacred Powders, which requires the proper invitation into the home as is laid out in the Dtamra Saiyasart for this kind of Occult Animist Magical Charm;

Ma Sep Nang amulets are a Powerful Attractor of the Opposite or Same Sex depending on your wishes, as good for Gays as is for Straight Heterosexuals, or Bisexuals, Male or Female. Good for Business improvement too, Gamblers will also be well served with this Hermaphroditic Prai Deva.

The Taep Tida locket has an image of a Female Nymph Deva riding and embracing a horse, who is her symbiotic lover. This is derived from the an ancient legend of the Lanna People. The Lady-Horse Lovers are an ancient Lanna spell of the Ma Sep Nang, a legendary Wicha of the ancient animist folk of the northern border-regions of Thailand, Burma and Laos.

The rear face of the locket is stuffed full of highly concentrated Muan Sarn Sacred Prai Powders, with a Takrut Ma Sep Nang Maha Sanaeh spell. The Ma Sep Nang is considered to be one of the most powerful Maha Sanaeh Metta Maha Niyom Wicha of the Lanna People. Please note; the appearance of the rear face of each individual locket is slightly different because of their hand made nature. Each locket differs slightly in this aspect.

Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri, has during the last decade, become one of Thailand’s Leading Necromancers of the Ordained Sangha, and is one of the few Masters preserving and extending the Wicha Saiyasart of the Northern Hilltribes of his Vicinity. The Hilltribe Magic is rooted in Very Ancient Animist Sorcery, and considered to be most powerful due to its adherence to the preservation of ancient methods and secret formulas, passed down from mouth to ear from Master to Apprentice for thousands of years.In recent years, Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri came into the public eye through the media, as his amulets were discovered by reporters to have truly necromantic ingredients, which resulted in some investigations, with no prosecution.

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Deva Abhiseka Blessing Ceremony at Wat Kruta Ayuttaya

Monks Present at Blessing Ceremony of the Paya Krut Garuda Amulets

A look at some pictures of the 2560 BE Deva and Buddha Abhiseka Amulet Blessing Ceremony at Wat Krutaram, in Ayuttaya, which featured some of the present era’s greatest Master Monks of the Ayuttaya and Supannburi Provinces;

Many Great Guru Monks attended this Blessing Ceremony. Including Luang Por Pra Maha Surasak, of Wat Pradoo, Luang Por Chamnan, of Wat Bang Kuti Tong, Luang Por Raks, of Wat Sutawat Vipassana, and Luang Por Maen, of Wat Na Tang Nai. Other eminent Guru Monks attending were; Luang Phu Bun Ler, Luang Por Uean, Luang Por Erng, Luang Por Hluea, Pra Kroo Palad Wichai, Luang Por Witaya, Pra Ajarn Yuwarut, Luang Ta Noi, Pra Ajarn Terng , and Luang Por Hmaay

This Blessing Ceremony was performed to empower the Paya Krut Baramee Sethee Edition Amulets, which can be seen here; Paya Krut Yud Nak Baramee Sethee – Wat Krutaram (Ayuttaya) 2560 BE – Garuda Amulet for Maha Amnaj, Maha Sethee Maha Pokasap Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Chadtri Serm Baramee