Nang Kwak

Nang Kwak – Nang Kwak, the benevolent guardian of shop owners and merchants, holds a special role in their prosperity. She is often found adorning a prominent spot, perched atop a wooden or ornate red and gold lintel known as ‘Hing’ in Thai culture. To honor Nang Kwak and seek her blessings, offerings of “Nam Daeng,” a sweet red syrupy drink commonly used in Bucha rituals, are presented. Incense and flower garlands are also offered to please her, attracting customers and boosting sales. When expressing devotion to Nang Kwak and seeking her divine favor, the sacred chant of Kata Nang Kwak is recited. Nang Kwak’s presence within a business establishment is believed to enhance customer flow and drive sales. The enchanting Nang Kwak is a widely embraced magical cloth Yantra, prevalent in various businesses across Thailand. Additionally, one can find Nang Kwak revered in the form of a statue, symbolizing her significance and esteemed position in commerce.