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Pra Somdej Yok Thaana Lor Boran Alchemically Forged metallic votive tablet in Pim Gaes Talu Sum mode (topknot piercing the arch), with silver casing included. This Pim (Model version), being in Nuea Tong Daeng Tae Din Thai, Sacred Copper artifact alloy and Yantra Ingot metals with Thai Sacred earth sprinkled on the surface.

This is LP Saeng’s first edition of metallic Pra Somdej in the Yok Thaana (raise status) edition of 2562 BE, to celebrate Luang Por’s 108th Year of Life, and to raise funds for further developments and the maintenance of the temple. The edition was released in a multitude of different sacred metals,  and has already become a very popular edition, and is already reaching depletion in the first months since their release.

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Luang Por Saeng is abbot of Wat Po Chai in Nakorn Phanom, who reached age 108 in 2562 BE (2019). He became highly renowned for his Wicha Hyang Ru (inner vision and knowing the future), and was since childhood always surprising his family and those who knew him, for whatever subject one would talk about, Luang Por Saaeng would know about and be able to speak about in detail, to such a level that it became rumored that he possessed special abilities, even as a child.

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