An extremely rare, magically empowered, and exquisitely fashioned Sacred Blessed Paya Tao Ruean Tortoise Shell with Hand Carved Lai Thai style Hanuman, Vanora Deity in the Thai Ramakien (Ramayana) and general of the Simian soldiers of Prince Rama, the Vishnu Avatar Deity of Ramayana.

This hand carved and empowered Tao Ruean shell is embellished with Ancient Khmer Sanskrit Khom Agkara hand made spell inscriptons etched into the surface, and the Head of Hanuman, carved with immensely filigrain fine details, Most certainly a highly powerful and inimitable Master-Class Occult Magical Item of the ‘Krueang Rang’ Talismanic Variety, and is a master class carving from a top artisan.

The exquisitely filigrain carved details of the images of Hanuman the Albino Vanora Monkey God, has outstanding decorative Lai Thai embellishments. This carving is so visibly, finely carved, that it can only have been made by a very accomplished Master Artisan, with the highest level of prowess. I the author (Ajarn Spencer), estimate this item to be about 60-80 Years Old (written in 2022). This fits with the late Era of the Great Ajarn Heng Praiwan, which is a highly probable origin of this exhibit, although unprovable.

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The Hanuman Deity brings not only Invincibility and Protection, Charm and Victory, but also induces Lucky Fortunes for Serm Yos (Promotion of Status), and Increase in Intelligence and Fast-Wittedness. Hanuman will protect against evil, and prevent wealth loss, as well as attracting prosperity, and bring peacefulness to the household. Empowered with the powers and qualities of the great Vanora God Hanuman, to bring success in one’s endeavors, and with the protective Klaew Klaad and Wealth attracting Ud Sap Magic. Imbued with mercy charm, the Hanuman amulet is also reputed to subdue enemies, and increase popularity.

The Tao Ruean Maha Pokasap is in itself considered to be imbued with Natural magical Power for Long Life, and Prosperity. But when such a Magical object is further empowered with the Wicha Yant Paya Tao Ruean, then the power of Maha Lap Maha Pokasap becomes immensely amplified, through the invocations which call upon the Great World Turtle, with its great compassion.

A Turtle/Toroise Yant would give long life, protection as well as riches, because tortoises and turtles live very long, have a hard shell for protection, and are considered lucky emblems. The Astrological meanings within both the Shell, and the Yant Paya Tao Ruean Spell, are also immensely powerful; It is well known that the number of lunar months are embodied in the number of plates of a turtle shell: “13 moons on Turtle’s back.” Turtle amulets have of course the special magical quality of generating long life. All achievements will come steadily, if perhaps not rapidly but surely and secure growth will be certain.

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