The Takrut Lek Lai Hanuman Riak Sap Yant Ha Thaew is a first-ever edition triple-power Wicha from Ajarn Noo. He assembled the components for this release in order to provide the blessings of Lek Lai and Hanuman, in addition to the magic of Yant Ha Thaew, to devotees who are reluctant to get Sak Yant tattooed on their bodies, but nevertheless believe in the magic’s capacity to enhance their fate.

The Takrut is created with a Yantra Foil scroll, rolled containing Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Holy Cave substance, and enclosed within an outer alchemical metal shell with the Khom Kata Akom inscription of the Yant Ha Thaew fashioned with the head of Hanuman. The Yant Ha Thaew is designed to improve your Karma and Line of Fate in five different aspects of life.

  1. The first row prevents punishment in court cases, and cleans and protects your abode.
  2. Second line reverses bad horoscope constellations and bad Karma
  3. Third row protects against black magic and curses
  4. Fourth line is for luck and fortune, and success in one’s projects
  5. Fifth and last row is an attraction charm to make you attractive loveable, and also boosts the luck and fortune already laid out in the 4th row kata, and prevents curses as in the 3rd row kata.


Kata Yant Ha Taew (using Chang Prasom Khlong)

I Dti Bparamidta Dtingsaa

Idti Suppanya Maakadtoe

Idti Poetti Manubpadtoe

Idti Bpisoe Jadtae Namoe

Ya Mi Isa Puttoe Yaa

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