One of the finest Look Om creations ever produced was the Immortal Look Om Jet Paya Chang Sarn, made by Luang Por Ding (Abbot of Wat Bang Wua, Chachoengsao), and finished with Nuea Dam Black Prai Powders and Gold Leaf. In his day, LP Ding became renowned for both his Sacred Powder Look Om wishing balls, which were created from his legendary Pong Ya Jet Paya Chang Sarn substance, and his Palad Khik Ling Jab Hlak Vanora Monkey animist charms. The ancient Chedi Stupas of the 7 Temples’ Klai Pra Chedi & Klai Sema, meaning ground-up chunks of temple border stone, were extracted for the production of the Sacred Jet Paya Chang Sarn Muan Sarn Sacred Powders.


During temple ceremonies and on his birthday, Luang Por Ding would release the Look Om to his devotees.The Legend of the Great ‘Suea Khaw’ Invincible Gangster, who was a Looksit of Luang Por Ding, references the Look Om Jet Paya Chang Sarn. Suea Khaw claimed that the Look Om Paya Jet Chang Sarn, helped avoid countless bullets from piercing his skin and killing him throughout the years, was the reason that he survived through the years of his gunmanship. According to folklore, Suea Khaw acquired the supernatural strength and intimidating aura of invincibility he required to take out all his challengers.