Paya Krut Gao Jaroen (prosper in 9 ways x 9) – Ancient Power Unveiled Discover the mystique of Thai amulet crafting with the Paya Krut Garuda Amulet, meticulously created by esteemed Pra Ajarn La. Forged from Nuea Block Look Pern, including smelted bullet shells and infused with sacred Puttakun Powder, it pays homage to the revered Thai Garuda National Deity. From Kampaeng Paetch Province, renowned for Maha Amnaj, Klaew Klaad, and Kong Grapan Chadtri powers, this masterpiece is a testament to the province’s enduring fame.

Power and Purpose Versatile for both genders, ideal for government, military, and high-pressure professions. The Paya Krut Garuda Amulet by Pra Ajarn La symbolizes protection, prosperity, and empowerment in Thai culture. A cherished possession for collectors and those seeking success and well-being.


Paya Krut Deity offers riches, prosperity, and Metta. Chanting the Kata cleanses one’s psyche and household from black magic and negative forces. Garuda symbolizes development, prosperity, and possesses commanding power. As the sacred vehicle of Pra Narai (Vishnu Deva), it’s invincible, wise, humble, and admirable.  A formidable shield against malevolent forces, it devours Sambhavesi. Empowered to dispel obstacles, it opens pathways to success.

Kata Bucha Paya Krut (Chant for blessings):

Om Karubpija Gidtimandtang Ma A U Om Payaa Krut Ruj Ruj Laew Ruay Na Dai Ngern Na Dai Tong Na Dai Sap Na Dai Bun Baaramii Na Mandtang Na Laang Aathan Na Jaroen Na Rung Rueang Na Rung Rojn Na Maedtaa Adtithaami.

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