Rian Roop Muean Guru Monk image of the great Luang Por Rerm, of Wat Ton Son. This coin  is popular for protection and prosperity, and was made in reverence to him as Kroo Ba Ajarn, at the temple of Wat Huay Mara, in Chonburi. Made from Nuea Tong Daeng, the coin was blessed in Buddha Abhiseka ceremony for the ‘Run Pised’ special edition of amulets, released to celebrate the raising of the temple roof struts (beams) of the Uposatha shrine room of Wat Huay Mara. The rear face of the coin features the yant ha (Yant Grabork Khwai) with the Kata ‘Namō Puttāya

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Luang Por Rerm was born in the year 2445 BE and ordained at a very early age when his father passed away (about ten years old). He was a monk who was renowned for his knowledge and ability in Horasart (Astrology) and his photographic memory. His ability to recite long verses and chant them in a way that the listener would be able to remember after first hearing was considered miraculous. He was also able to tell people where their lost belongings were, if they were stolen or misplaced, and where they could be found. His abilities caused him to be highly revered and respected by the devotees. The day he died, on the 20th October 2517 BE, a strange sudden storm appeared and flooded the whole province of Chonburi, which was seen by his devotees to be a sign of the Heavens declaring his passing from this world into the next.

Luang Por Rerm Wat Ton Son

Luang Por Rerm, of Wat Ton Son


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