Khao Sam Muk Chinese Goddess Temple Deity Amulet


Rian Jao Mae Khao Sam Mukh Thai-Chinese Goddess of Love and Mercy coin amulet from the temple of Khao Sam Mukh in Chonburi, in Nuea Loha, A rare acquisition that is of immense interest to devotees and serious collectors of Thai Buddhist Coin amulets

The amulet features the image of the Deity of Jao Mae Khao Sam Mukh mountain, at the shrine in Chonburi. The temple shrine of Jao Mae Khao Sam Muk is a sacred temple in Chonburi, devoted to a Chinese Goddess, who can be prayed to for blessings. One blessing which is popular is the prayer for eternal unbreakable love



The temple of Khao sam Muk is a very famous shrine of the Chonburi province, where both Thai and Thai-Chinese Ethnic Buddhists go to pray for auspicious Karma, Love and Happiness, and to alleviate their sufferings

Jao Mae Khao Sam Muk Hill Temple Shrine
Jao Mae Khao Sam Muk Hill Temple Shrine


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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 0.5 × 2.2 × 3.2 cm