A look at a gallery of images of the four blessing ceremonies made in 2561 BE at Wat Ballangk with Luang Por Koon Worabanyo performing empowerments, for various editions of amulets, and charitable projects. The blessings were performed over a number of different amulets including some which were then passed on to other temples for further empowerment. Amongst the amulets blessed in the four ceremonies at Wat Ballangk in 2561 were the Rian Prohm Yin Dee rhombus shape Luang Por Koon with 4 faced Brahma Yantra coins, the Buddha Riding Cockerel Amulet LP Parn Diamond Armour Wicha sacred clay amulet, See Pheung Maha Mongkol Maha Lap Potions, Rian Traimas coins, and other types of Guru Monk coins and talismans.

Below we see LP Koon performing blessings during the various ceremonies, as well as performing the ritual of ‘Kiaw See Pheung’ waxy Metta Balm potion boiling.