See Pheung Maha Mongkol Maha Lap metallic potion pot in Nuea Samrit brazen Alchemical alloy, with the image of LP Koon and code stamps on front face, and Yant Mongkut Pra Putta Jao ‘Buddhas Crown Yantra’ on Rear Face, filled with powerful Metta Balm with 2 Takrut, Pokasap Gemstone Fragments, and Pra Pid Ta Loi Ongk Buddha Statuette in Nuea Tong Daeng inserted, from Luang Por Koon Worabanyo, of Wat Ballangk, in Nakorn Rachasima (Korat).

The front face features the image of Luang Por Koon, on the lid of the pot, which is made from nuea samrit bronze and copper based alloy smelted from Sacred Yantra Foils. Each lid has a Code Met Nga with the letter ‘Kor Kwaay’ (ค = K for Koon), with the numbered series code stamped underneath the code Met Nga ‘sesame seed’ stamp.

The rear face of the container has the Sacred Yant Mongkut Pra Putta Jao Buddha’s Crown Yantra

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Dtalab See Pheung Nuea Samrit Hlang Yant Mongkut Pra Putta Jao (version, also known as Yant Maha Mongkol or Yant Long See Pheung) of Luang Por Koon Worabanyo was Blessed in 4 separate empowerment ceremonies, along with other amulets in this series, by Pra Kroo Prachote Bunyakorn (Luang Por Koon Worabanyo), Abbot of Wat Ballangk and Bishop of the Municipality. The Yant on rear face contains the Itipiso Mantra and the Kata Yant Gratuu Jet Baeg. Released after final blessing on full moon day 5th February 2561 BE.

Blessing and making of sacred see pheung potion at Wat Ballangk in 4 empowerment ceremonies

This edition was released in various sacred metals including Samrit Bronze and Nuea Ngern solid Silver, and solid Gold.

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