Triple Pack Collector Set Amulet Pantheon Books of three great master monks of immortal fame, for perusal and study in Thai Language, with clear full colour images of the most preferred amulets and editions, with , as essential reference material for students, collectors and devotees of the great masters and their amulets. These books can be used to absorb and accustom the eyes to the fine details and ‘Dtamni’ (reference points and features) of true authentic amulets of the great masters of the past and present. Please click on the gallery images to view an extensive preview of the inner content of each book. The set weights 2.1 KG packed, and costs for shipping will be added and calculated before you reach checkout.

This triple pack contains three important comprehensive visual documentations of the most important and highly revered/valued editions of amulets of three great masters;

1. Amulets of Luang Pu Tim Issarigo of Wat Laharn Rai (163 Pages 4th Printing)
2. Amulets of Luang Pu Moon Volume 1, of Wat Ban Jan (102 Pages)
3. Amulets of Luang Por Bplai, of Wat Gampaeng (110 Pages)

Thai Amulet books and magazines are know for their tendency to be printed in limited numbers, and become immense rarities within a short time after release, and the collection of encyclopedic works is a cult niche in itself, apart from being one of the most important posessions of the true serious student aficionado of Pra Niyom category amulets. prices rise very fast as editions go out of print, and become unavailable, making such works immense rarities in themselves, and hence, are not just an essential part of the reference material of amulet collectors, but also highly prized collectors items in themselves, and the pride of the serious speculative investor in rare publications.


LP Tim Book

LP Bplai Book

LP Bplai Amulet Book

LP Moon Book (Volume 1)

Amulets of Luang Por Moon Book Volume 1

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2.1 Kilograms packed

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