The famed Gray Toned version of the world famous top amulet, the Loop Om Nuea Tao Sacred Powder amulet of the Great LP Pring, of Wat Bang Pakok. One of the’Top Five’ classic Loop Om sacred powder amulets of the Great Luang Por Pring of Wat Bang Pakok. The Loop Om Luang Por Pring was made in both gray and brownish coloured Sacred powders, which can be found in various tones. It is is an extremely rare and powerful amulet, as are most from thie Master-Monk, and a most highly sought after amulet by devotees of this Genre. The Loop Om Luang Por Pring is most certainly an essential rarity, and esteemed member of the amulet appreciation society’s pantheon of ‘Niyom’ (preferred) level Master-Class status amulets.

The Look Om of Luang Por Pring, is made from Pong Puttakun, Bucha Flowers, and Incense Powders from the Bucha Shrines of Wat Bang Bakork. Luang Por Pring distributed his Look Om during the second world war, and they became a Nationally Famous Legendary Amulet for the many tales of Miraculous Protective Powers and Life Saving Mysterious Events. Luang Por Pring’s protective magic was famous since around the 2nd World War and Indo-China Wartimes, when a Japanese Base was built nearby to the temple of Wat Bang Bakork. It was believed that LP Pring has made a protective Kata and Magical Shield around the area to protect the temple and the local inhabitants around it. So at that time, many people moved to live in the surrounding area, in the belief that they would be safe from the bombing which was being performed by the Western Forces during that time of Japanese Occupation in Thailand. Another story of his legendary magical powers, was the fact that the Great Magician and Looksit of Luang Phu Sukh, and Royal Prince, Admiral Grom Luang Chumporn Udomsak, sought out lpo Pring to beseech magical Wicha from him and his tutelage.


Temple: Wat Bang  Pakok
Year of Issue: Circa 2482
Maker of Amulet: Luang Por Pring
Weight: 3 Grams
Recommended Uses: Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan Chadtri, Serm Duang
Size of Amulet: 1.5 Cm Diameter
Material: Nuea Pong Tao
Additional Info: One of the Top Loop Om Amulets of All Time
Weight: 3 g

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