A generously filled ‘Dtalab’ lid container of Powerful Necromantic Potion; See Pheung Nang Prai Pan Dton Mad Jidt Deung Jai Hlong Hlai Roey Pong Aathan – 1000 Ghosts Necromantic Potion with Mortal remains Based Ghost Powders, Takrut and sacred Wooden carved Effigy of Mae Nang Prai and small Sariga Bird, from the Master of Necromantic Sorcery; from Lesi Akaradech. The potion contains a compendium of sacred ingredients, and magical spells immersed within the waxy necromantic serums based potion. The powders of the bones of 1000 Female Hoeng Prai Ghosts were ground up and invoked with reanimation spells to invoke a resident spirit, and sprinkled over the potion in each container.
Maker: Por Kru Dtamma Reusi Akkaradech (formerly Pra Ajarn Akaradech Akka Dtaecho)
Temple of Origin: Asrom Kroo Rasi Akaradech Kroo Sanaeh Mad Jidt (Kalasin)
Weight: 50 grams
Type of Amulet: Necromantic Enchantment Potion
Magical Effects: Maha Sanaeh, Hlong Hlai, Mad Jai, Mad Jidt, Maha Sanaeh, Maha Jang-Ngang
Material: Sacred Prai Oils, Necromantic Serums and Waxy Balms, Pong Aathan Powders, Takrut, and Sacred Nang Prai Effigy from Mai Ga Hlong Wood
Recommended Uses: Seduction, Enchantment, Hypnotic Charm
Size of Amulet: 6.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 Cm Box (container within 4 cm wide 1.5 cm High)
Edition: Traimas


Ajarn Ajaradech has become one of Thailand’s Leading Necromancers of the Thai Occult scene as a Lay Master. He is one of the few Masters preserving and extending the Wicha Saiyasart of the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Old in his Vicinity, and considered one of the most powerful Necromancers, for his use of authentic Necromantic Muan Sarn ingredients.

His Magic is rooted in Very Ancient Animist Sorcery, and considered to be extremely powerful due to its adherence to the preservation of ancient methods and secret formulas, passed down from mouth to ear from Master to Apprentice for generations of Kroo Ba Ajarn.

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