Phra Pid Ta Maekasit Pim Chalud Lek, in pristine condition, a Centenarian Amulet of immense rarity, and a very ancient and sacred Wicha, the Phra Pid Ta Nuea Maekasit Alchemical Leaden Mercurial-Metal amulet of LP Tap. This ehibit is a Pim Chalud Lek (1.4 x 1.2 Cm) and in See Peek Malaeng Tap Khiaw Om Tong, Golden-Greenish Maekasit Alchemical Alloy.

Temple: Wat Anongkaram

Year of Issue: Circa 2460 BE

Maker of Amulet: Luang Por Tap (2375 – 2480 BE)

Weight: 2 Grams

Recommended Uses: Protection, Prosperity, Anti Black Magick, Mercy Charm

Size of Amulet: 1.4 x 1.2 Cm

Material: Nuea Maekasit See Peek Malaeng Tap Om Tong Green-Gold Tone Alchemical Mercurial Allloy

Additional Info: One of the top Pra Pid Ta Amulets of all Time


The amulet is hand inscribed on rear face, and forged in in See Peek Malaeng Tap Om Tong Gold-Green Metallic color, rather like a greenbottle fly (in fact, the word ‘Malaeng Tap’ means ‘Buprestis beetle’. which is a metallic-green winged insect. This exhibit is a highly preferred Master-Class Phra Niyom ancient amulet from the great Luang Por Tap of Wat Anongkaram (commonly known as ‘Wat Anong’), and is a very rare model in Pim Chalud Lek, that is one of the rarer models.

Luang Por Tap was an Olden Days Master Monk of the previous Buddhist Century, who was highly renowned for his Mastery of Alchemy, and Kata Akom Spellcasting Methods. At that time, Somdej Phra Puttajarn Nuam was the abbot of Wat Anongkaram, and Luang Por Tap was a ‘Look Wat’ (one of the temple monks), but in truth, Luang Por Tap was much an elder monk to the abbot himself, and much more advanced in his practices.

Luang Por Tap became immersed in the Wicha Len Prae Taat (Alchemical Metallurgy), and Mastered it until he could produce the legendary substance known as ‘Maekasit’ metallic alchemical alloy.

The Wicha Maekasit of Luang Por Tap was so famously powerful, that even the great Luang Phu Sukh of Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao in Chainat came, to exchange sorcery methods with Luang Por Tap, in order to obtain the Wicha Maekasit. Luang Phu Sukh then took this Wicha back to Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao, and made many famous amulets of his pantheon using the Wicha Maekasit of Luang Por Tap, such as the oblong shaped Phra Somdej Prapa Mondon Sum Rasamee.

The Maekasit amulets of Luang Por Tap, are known to have different tones of color which shimmer through the metallic surface, tanging from silvery, to some most highly preferred exhibits with blue, golden or greenish metallic sheen, similar to the Bluebottle-Green-Purple metallic color of Lek Lai See Peek Malaeng Tap.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Maker of Amulet



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