The Pujaw Saming Prai amulet is reanimated as a tablet of Muan Sarn with the spirit of Pujaw Saming Prai, who rules over the Cemeteries and the Ghosts who dwell within them, and commands all Hoeng Prai Bhūtā Phantoms to do his bidding. Pray to Pujaw Saming Prai to Command the many ghosts whose names and mortal remains are contained within the Muan Sarn to fulfil your wishes. The amulet can be used for many kinds of wish fulfilment, including gambling wins, power over minions, rid oneself of debts, evade enemies, turn the tables in your favour, attract customers and lovers, improve your profession through promotion and/or rise in wages, or to seduce a specific person.

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The sacred Necromantic Muan Sarn substance is composed of Pong Maha Phuudt Hmeun Sangkharn, with Pong Mai Taep Taro, Pong Mai Takian, Pong Mai Makham Bproeng fa, mixed with Din Jom Pluak and Din Jet Pha Cha, with the addition of Pong Prai Ha Sip Gao Dton, Pong Maha Phuudt Pan Dton, Pong Lek Lai ruesi Dta Nam, Pong Lek Nam Pi, Din Jet Nakorn Jet Buri, and Pong Wan 108, Pong Wicha Maha Sanaeh, and Yantra Powders made using the Incantations of Pujaw Saming Prai 108 Job. These powders were then all bound together with Nam Man Wan Dork Tong Oil. To bring this amulet into the home, you should Bucha with 16 sticks of incense outside the home first to iinform the local spirits of the arrival of the new spirits as companions and members of the household, and then enter the home. Then make offerings of cigars or cigarettes, a glass of water or red coloured sweet drink (nam daeng), and seasonal flowers, and fruits. Light two candles and 9 incense sticks, and chant the floowing Kata;

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Ajahn Pu Ee of the Samnak Baramee Kroo Bpagam, is the creator of the legendary Nam Man Prai Gua Po, and the Wicha Phii Hlong Long Sariga Long Rang. He is a lineage master of the Khmer Sorcery Arts and an fully fledged adept of the Wicha of the Samnak Kroo Tam Dton Nam Huay Sai Badtr of Kalasin. he has mastered the Wicha Saliga Lin Tong and the Montr Kroo Phii Pasom Khloeng.

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