Maker: Ajarn Khiaw Taep Tong
Temple of Origin: Samnak Sak Yant Ajarn Khiaw
Weight: 30 Grams
Type of Amulet: Necromantic Talisman (Ghost Fetcher of Riches and Power of Attraction), Loi Ongk Statuette


The Phra Ngan Phuudtaa Rit from Sak Yant Master and Adept of the Dark Arts, Ajarn Keow Thep Thong, is a Bhūta Phantom Spirit of the Nether Regions of the Lower Celestial realms, and a forest dwelling hermit, with extremely powerful psychic ability. Being a red eyed male ‘Por Ngang’, he is inclined to Nocturnal activities, flirtatious promiscuity, and games of chance, with seductive power to influence the hearts and minds of others to follow your suggestions and needs. This power extends to the denizens and ruling ghosts of the Gambling Dens, to influence them to turn the odds in your favour. Sorcerous Necromantic Powders and a Takrut with Reanimation spell are inserted into the base of the amulet.

To imbue the amulet with its Necromantic Hian Power, Ajarn Keow performed Invocation Summoning, Awakening and Turning of the Four Elements, to Reanimate Living Magic within the Static Form of the Pra Ngang Ta Daeng, according to the Ancient Grimoires and Magical Formulas of Khmer Necromantic Reanimation Wicha. The full formula of Invocations for the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng were performed for reanimation of the spirit within the statuette. This is an essential part of Necromantic Empowerment with all Humanoid and Animal form amulets which are imbued with a resident spirit in Thai Buddha Magic.

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