The Pra Somdej Pra Nakprok Nuea Gae Din Pasom Wan 108 released in Grand Buddha Abhisekha Ceremony at Wat pratat Panom (Nakorn Panom), in the year 2518 BE. Blessed on the 26th December 2518 to commemorate the installation of the Pratat Buddha Relics within the Chedi Stupa which was completed at Wat Pratat Panom. This is a very well known amulet that is highly favored by devotees of Pra Ajarn Fan, for his presiding over the empowerment ceremony, as well as by many practitioners of the Tudong Forest Tradition practice of Vipassana Kammathana Meditation. Other monks were LP Dter Ajaratammo, LP Jantr Khemiyo, and LP Kampant Kosapanyo, and 108 other Thera Monks, of 10-20 Years of Tudong Practice attended to assist in empowerment and chanting of the Buddha Abhisekha. His Majest and Her Majesty the King and Queen (Rama 9) were also present to assist and attend the ceremony.

The amulet comes with the original casing from the temple as issued in 2518 BE.  Most were issued without casing, but some were issued to Gammagarn and important members of the Comittee of Devotees, and Civil Servants with this original casing.

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A highly recommended amulet and Votive Tablet for Buddhanussati, A Perfect amulet for protection, reminder of mindfulness, and powerful practice, with remembrance and reverence to the Triple Gem, and remembrance of the Sacred Buddha Relic within the Stupa at Wat Pratat Panom, with the empowerment of a large number of masters who attended this grand ceremony with Pra Ajarn Fan Ajaro. Many different models were made some with red earths, some whitish, and others beige in color depending on the mixture of Muan Sarn sacred Powders

His Majesty the King and Queen of Thailand attend the Ceremony 2518 Wat Pratat Panom

His Majesty the King and Queen of Thailand attend the Ceremony 2518 Wat Pratat Panom

Saturday Buddha;

The Pra Nakrok is known as Saturday Buddha because this Posture is allocated to those born on a Saturday, or for those who pray to Buddha every day to use as the image to pray to on Saturdays. Pra Nakprok is hence known as one of the ‘Birthday Buddhas

Kata Bucha Pra  Nakprok

Itdtibpiso Pakawaa Pra Sai Ja Masaming Ja Putta Kunang Tamma Kunang Ja Sangkakunang Sappa Tugkhang Sappa Payang Sappa Rokang  Wichhayae Sappa Laapang Pawandtumae

อิติปิโส ภะคะวา พระเสาร์จะมัสมิง
จะ พุทธะคุณัง จะ ธัมมะคุณัง จะ สังฆะคุณัง
สัพพะทุกขัง สัพพะภะยัง สัพพะโรคัง วิวัชชะเย
สัพพะลาภัง ภะวันตุเม

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