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Blessing Ceremony Takrut Tone Wat Sri Jantr

A pictorial documentation of the Buddha Abhiseka (Putta Pisek) at wat Sri Jantr, of the special edition series of Takrut Tone alchemically forged metal talismanic charms, with Muan Sarn Sacred Powders from the great Luang Por Kong (Kroo Ba Ajarn of Khun Phaen Legend) inserted into the hollow interior of the tubular Takrut amulet. Wat Sri Jantr is an Ancient Temnple which has had Monks staying there uninterrupted since the times of the Ayuttaya Era.

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The Takrut is made using a compendium of ‘Laekh Yant’ Numerology and Sacred Geometry based Spells with Khom Agkhara Incantations inscribed on Sacred Yantra Foils, smelted into Ingots, Inscribed and empowered once more, and then cast into the metallic alchemically forged Takrut amulets we see before us in the slideshow. Blessed at Wat sri jantr, the amulets have special Muan Sarn Sacred Powders from the ancient Kroo Ba Ajarn of Supanburi Magical legend and Kroo Ba Ajarn of Khun Phaen himself, Pra Ajarn Kong. These Powerful Powders provide Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom, Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Power for Successful Profession and Invincibility/Protection.

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The Takrut is useful for people of all walks of life, for it contains a compendium of Yant that cover all the many facets of Human needs;

Yant included within the spells contained in this Wicha include;

1. The Kata Pra Jao 16 Pra Ongk Dtua Phuu (Male Version) sixteen Buddha Invocation;
2. Kata Pra Jao 16 Pra Ongk Dtua Mia;
‘U MI A MI MA HI SU DTANG SU NA PUT TANG A SU NA A’ (Metta Maha Niyom Klaew Klaad)
3.Kata Maha Chadtri Bhavana Raksa Graduk Awayawa;
‘A SU SUT TĀ GĀ PA MĀTA CHĀ NA MI SU MU TU U A (Kong Grapan Chadtri)

Below; Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk

Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk Sixteen Buddhas Yantra
Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk Sixteen Buddhas Yantra

These Kata have to be imbued within the first handful of rice of the almsbowl of a monk on three different occasions, and repeated for a period of three months during the rainy retreat as part of the Traimas Trimester Empowerment). This is the invocation of the Graduk Tong Daeng (copper bones) spell, which makes one invincible to normal types of weaponry. The Invocation uses the sacred Agkhara and Yantra of the Dtamra Prawaet of the Buddha Sasana (White Buddha Magic)

Below; Yant Maha Ud

The Yant Maha Ud is also embedded as a double-sided Yantra Spell within the Wicha, on one of the smelted Yantra foils used to make the ingots, which possesses both Kong Grapan Chadtri and Metta Maha Niyom Powers.

Yant Maha Ud

The Yant Pokasap was also Imbued within the Sacred Chanuan Alchemical Admixture through Inscription of the Yantra on foils smelted within the ingots, for Wealth and Treasure Accumulation, to improve wealth and prosperous living.

Below; Yant Pokasap for Wealth Increase

Yant Pokasap For Wealth And Treasures
Yant Pokasap For Wealth And Treasures

The Sacred Yant Takrut Tone was also inscribed on sacred yantra Foils for smelting into the Chanuan Alchemical metallurgical Admixture, which is considered most powerful protection against all forms of weaponry.

Below; Yant Takrut Tone

Yant Takrut Tone Gan Awut
Yant Takrut Tone Gan Awut

In addition, the Sacred Yant Gan Sakot Yantra Spell was Inscribed upon Yantra Foils for smelting into the Chanuan Muan sarn metallic Alloy, to Protect against Thieves and Robbers.

Below; Yant Gan Sakot

Yant Gan Sakot - Protection against Thieves and Burglars
Yant Gan Sakot – Protection against Thieves and Burglars

In addition, a sisxth yantras Spell in the form of an Incantation was performed and imbues, the Yant I SA WĀ SU, and a seventh Maha Yant Solos Mongkol was added to the compendium of Sacred Yantra Foil spells used for the metallurgical forging of the sacred Ingots to make the Takrut with. The Yant Maha Solos Mongkol is Universal Auspicious Blessings and karma Improvement.

Below; Yant Maha Solos Mongkol

Yant Maha Solos Mongkol
Yant Maha Solos Mongkol


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Naga Takrut with Yant Gao Yord Nine Peaks Yantra Amulet 2 Blessing Ceremonies

A gallery of images of the 2 Blessing Ceremonies of a new arrival on the Thai amulet scene, for Power, Promotion, Wealth and treasures, and Protection against Physical Dangers and Black Magic, the Takrut Yant Gao Yord Paya Nakarach Lek Lai Maha Sethee Naga Serpent Amulet. The Takrut is forged from a cast sacred metal sheath in the shape of a coiled Naga with a Takrut scroll spell inserted within, with the inscriptions of the sacred Yant Gao Yord.

Takrut Yant Gao Yord Paya Nakarach Lek Lai Maha Sethee

The sacred metal alloy was cast using ancient alchemical metallurgy ritual methods, with the addition of Lek Lai  Payanak Naga Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine substance, to increase the Maha Ud Maha Pokasap power and seal the magic with the power of the Nagas.

The Naga is an extremely powerful and magical being of the Bodhala Underworld, and is a Deva Being, who possesses Shapeshifter abilities, and can transform into Human Form at will. The Naga is a Very powerful Magical Entity and a Deity of the Thai Buddhist Pantheon. the Naga Kings are devotees of the Lord Buddha, and Protectors of the Dhamma.

Takrut Gao Yord Lek Lai Paya Nakarach Maha Sethee Baramee 9 Kroo Ba Ajarn
Takrut Gao Yord Lek Lai Paya Nakarach Maha Sethee Baramee 9 Kroo Ba Ajarn

Blessed by a host of great Master Monks with the first of two ceremonies at the Naga Shrine in Potaram, Rachburi, presided over by Luang Por Wichiar of Wat Nong Some Tiam Jantr in Kanjanaburi. He was accompanied by Luang Por Say of Wat Nong Ree in Rachburi, Pra Kroo Wipach Tamma Wisit, the abbot of Wat Dee Bon in Rachburi, Pra Kroo Palad Prasit of Wat Rach Bamrung, and Pra kroo Chum Kanjanagij (Luang Por Pranay) of Wat Nong Kwang in Kanjanaburi. LP Pranay is the Looksit Aek first initiate in Magic to the great Luang Por Suan of Wat Bang Gradan.

The second ceremony was held within the Vihara shrine of Luang Por Yai at Wat sai Ma Dtai in Nontaburi on Saturday 15th September 2560 BE with Pra Ajarn Wasant presiding over the other invited Guru Masters in the Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony

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Deva Abhiseka Blessing Ceremony at Wat Kruta Ayuttaya

Monks Present at Blessing Ceremony of the Paya Krut Garuda Amulets

A look at some pictures of the 2560 BE Deva and Buddha Abhiseka Amulet Blessing Ceremony at Wat Krutaram, in Ayuttaya, which featured some of the present era’s greatest Master Monks of the Ayuttaya and Supannburi Provinces;

Many Great Guru Monks attended this Blessing Ceremony. Including Luang Por Pra Maha Surasak, of Wat Pradoo, Luang Por Chamnan, of Wat Bang Kuti Tong, Luang Por Raks, of Wat Sutawat Vipassana, and Luang Por Maen, of Wat Na Tang Nai. Other eminent Guru Monks attending were; Luang Phu Bun Ler, Luang Por Uean, Luang Por Erng, Luang Por Hluea, Pra Kroo Palad Wichai, Luang Por Witaya, Pra Ajarn Yuwarut, Luang Ta Noi, Pra Ajarn Terng , and Luang Por Hmaay

This Blessing Ceremony was performed to empower the Paya Krut Baramee Sethee Edition Amulets, which can be seen here; Paya Krut Yud Nak Baramee Sethee – Wat Krutaram (Ayuttaya) 2560 BE – Garuda Amulet for Maha Amnaj, Maha Sethee Maha Pokasap Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Chadtri Serm Baramee