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Blessing Ceremony Jantr Phaen 88 Edition Amulets LP Payungk

Wai Kroo and Buddha Abhiseka Blessing Ceremony picture gallery of the Jantr Phaen 2560 BE 88th Birthday edition of Luang Por Payungk Tammatinno, of Wat Pha Sak. Luang Por Payungk is the continuance of the Lineage Wicha of his Kroo Ba Ajarn Luang Por Hwan of Wat Dork Mai, and Luang Phu Nai, of Wat Ban Jaeng (Master of the number one Jing Jok gecko amulets of all time).

Blessing Ceremony Jantr Phaen 88 Edition Amulets LP Payungk Wat Pha Sak
Blessing Ceremony Jantr Phaen 88 Edition Amulets LP Payungk Wat Pha Sak

This edition included sacred powder and metallic coin versions of the Ruesi Por Kroo Ruesi Phu Paetchalugan Hermit God, along with other amulets and occult charms such as the See Pheung jantr Phaen Jaek Mae Krua Potion.

The Ruesi Paetchalugan amulets were made only in small size, but using a most highly concentrated muan sarn powder admixture, for a special series of Pra Ruesi amulets made in Wai Kroo Ceremony to the Lersi (Ruesi) Hermit God Paetchalugan, Lord of Engineering and Artisanry, and God of the Master Sorceror.

Ruesi Por Phu Paetchalugan Ongk Kroo in Nuea Maha Wan Sabu Luead Pasom Pong Rae Lek Nam Pi, with Civara Monk Robe, Rae Khiaw Hanuman, and PLi Dam, and has strong leanings towards wealth attraction and seductive influence in its admixture.
Ruesi Por Phu Paetchalugan Ongk Kroo in Nuea Maha Wan Sabu Luead Pasom Pong Rae Lek Nam Pi, with Civara Monk Robe, Rae Khiaw Hanuman, and PLi Dam, and has strong leanings towards wealth attraction and seductive influence in its admixture.

See Pheung Jantr Phaen Jaek Mae Krua.

The See Pheung Maha Sanaeh Jaek Mae Krua Maha Sanaeh Maha Choke Lap waxy Prai Oil Potion of Luang Por Payungk (Wat Pha Sak), was made for distribution to devotees that came to help out at the temple, and the kitchen ladies who come to help cook for the monks and the poor temple orphans. Released in extreme limited edition of 999 lids

See Pheung Maha sanaeh Maha Choke Lap Jaek Mae Krua
See Pheung Maha Sanaeh Maha Choke Lap Jaek Mae Krua

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A Plethora of Thai Kata Chanting Tutorials

For the first time ever we see a compendium of Thai Buddhist and Occult Kata Chanting Tutorials for download in one Megapack from Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, with 108 different Kata Chanting tutorials and podcasts to download, and a further 10 extra Kata Chanting Tutorials for free to boot, for a mere 9$.

Bhikkhus Chanting Prayers
Bhikkhus Chanting Prayers

This first collection, called “Kata 108 Compendium of 108 Chanting Tutorials & Podcasts Volume 1”, contains the following Kata;

  1. A Note About Performing Incantations
  2. Calling the Devas to Attend the Dhamma
  3. How to Pray to Thai Amulets (Kata Aratana Pra Krueang)
  4. Invoking the 4 Elements (Version 1)
  5. Kata Bucha Pra Ngang Short Heart Mantras
  6. Kata Bucha Pra Sangkajjai
  7. Kata For Making Holy Water To Sell Your Goods and Ideas
  8. Kata for Muay Thai Fighters with Sak Yant Tattoos
  9. Kata Bucha Palad Khik (1)
  10. Kata Thon Kam Sab Chaeng Prayer To Remove Curses Spoken or Thought Of In The Past & Present
  11. Kata For Sak Yant Warriors
  12. Kata for all Amulets Using Wicha Gariang Kor Ma
  13. Kata Bucha Bia Gae Plus Narrative
  14. Kata In Koo Perm Sap for Using In Koo
  15. Kata In Koo (Thai Version)
  16. Kata Bucha Ruesi Hmor Chiwok Gomarapaj Buddha’s Physician Jivaka Rishi Healer Prayer
  17. Kata Metta Maha Sanaeh for all Amulets of Luang Phu In to Increase Wealth and Treasures
  18. Kata Paetch Payatorn with Narrative (LP Glom Wat Nong Bua version)
  19. Kata Bucha Paya Nakarach Prayer to the King of the Nagas
  20. The Paya Puchong Wisutti Taewa Naga King Deity
  21. Kata Paya Wan Jakkajan Sacred Cordyceps Cicada Chanting Tutorial
  22. Kata Yant Maha Ud Gunstopper Spell for Protection
  23. Kata Wua Tanu (Kroo Ba Noi Version)
  24. Kata Bucha Wua /KwaiTanu (Lanna Version)
  25. Kata Aratana Luang Por Ngern Wat Bang Klan
  26. The Monk, The Whore, the Goat and the Liquor (Moral Fable)
  27. Man’s Highest Achievement (Thought Provoking Dhamma Podcast)
  28. Kata Pluk Suea Invocation of the Tiger
  29. Wicha Suea – Invocation of Tiger Magic with Wisdom or Ignorance?
  30. Kata Bucha Lek Lai Wachiratat LP Huan Wat Putai Sawan
  31. How to Bucha (Pray) To Amulets Pt. 1
  32. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Tim Issarigo Wat Laharn Rai
  33. Kata Bucha Por Gae Ta Fai 1
  34. Kata Bucha Pra Ruesi Narai Hermit God
  35. Kata Bucha Por Kroo Ruesi
  36. 3 Chants for Praying to Lersi Narot (Naradha Rishi)
  37. Kata Wai Kroo Lersi Kobutra
  38. Atanatiya Paritta (Kata Taw Waes Suwan)
  39. Kata Pra Ariyasaj See 4 Noble Truths Mantra (Kata Yant Ha Yord)
  40. Kata Bucha Luang Por Kasem Khemago
  41. Kata Bucha Lek Lai
  42. How to Chant Kata Pra Pid Ta
  43. How to Pray To Amulets of Luang Phu Bpun Tammabalo Wat Ban Sangkh
  44. Invocation of the Nine Tails Fox (Kata Jing Jok Gao Hang)
  45. Kata for wearing and removal of Hwaen Pirod Magic Rings
  46. Kata Hua Jai Pra Khun Phaen
  47. Kata Kumarn Tong Taewa
  48. Kata Lanna for Bucha to Takrut Jampa See Dton Amulets
  49. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Khui (Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan Maha Ud)
  50. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Hmun
  51. Rich Kata Luang Por Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho
  52. Kata Pluk Bucha Palad Khik Jao Choo Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai
  53. Kata Paya Gai Thuean Cockerel Mantra for Yant Gai Thuean and Yant Gao Yord
  54. Kata Bucha Nok Sariga Celestial Magpie Prayer
  55. Kata Sariga Bot Kroo Master Invocation of the Celestial Magpie Spell
  56. Kata Bucha Taep Paetch Payatorn (LP Hmun)
  57. Kata to Remove Curses, Black Magick Made and Received.
  58. Kata for using with Takrut Panya Wai Supreme Intelligence Amulet
  59. Kata Pra Mokhallana Maugdalyayana Mending Bones Buddhist Healing Prayer
  60. Kata Bucha Takrut Khor Mia
  61. Kam Aratana Pra Kam Khaw Amulet of LP Ruesi Ling Dam
  62. Kata Aratana Luang Por Ngern
  63. Kata Bucha Look Krok
  64. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Hwaen Succino
  65. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Taep Loke Udorn
  66. Kata Bucha Luang Por Nueang Wat Jula Mani
  67. Kata Bucha Phu Ya Dork Tong
  68. Kata Bucha See Pheung Khema Kumarn (Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai)
  69. Kata Dueay Ngu Hlueam Python Spur Incantation (Luang Phu Waen Gaay)
  70. Kata for Metta (Luang Por Lum Wat Samakee Tam)
  71. Kata Mae Tong Soi
  72. Kata Maha Lap Pokasap (Ajarn Plien)
  73. Kata Maha Sanaeh Taep Ranjuan Dancing Deva Spell
  74. Kata Oy Hloy
  75. Kata Paya Suea Saming Were Tiger/Tigress Invocation
  76. Kata Pluk Hun Payont Phii Yaan
  77. Kata Pra Rahu Kam Duang
  78. Kata Riak Rak Yom
  79. Kata Taw Waes Suwan line for line with English Translations
  80. Kata Yant Pra Putta Jao Ham Tukh (Buddha Forbidding Suffering Yantra Invocation)
  81. Kata Chanting for Singha Himapant Lion Amulets
  82. Kata Bucha Luang Por Sawai Wat Bridaram
  83. Kata Paya Rachasri Himapant Forest Lion King Chanting Tutorial
  84. Incantation to remove the Pali Luub Hlang Enchantment Spell
  85. Kata Bucha Nam Man Prai Paya Wan Prai Daeng
  86. Kata for Khun Phaen Awk Suek Amulet Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree
  87. Invocations and Incantations for Elemental Magic
  88. Kata Bucha Paya Pali Vanora God
  89. Kata for Look Sakot Magic Beads
  90. Kata Pra Prajam Wan Jantr Prayer for Birthday Buddhas – Monday
  91. Kata Pra Prajam Wan Paruehas Prayer for Birthday Buddhas – Thursday
  92. Kata Bucha Pra Prajam Wan Sao Pra Nakprok Saturday Buddha
  93. Kata Wicha Rak Sorn Love Triangle Spell
  94. Ceremonial Prayer for Buddhist Monks to Give after Recieving Alms
  95. Incantation for Sak Yant Grao Paetch Diamond Armour Yantra
  96. Kata Ba Cha Dta for Women to Seduce Men
  97. Kata Bucha Bia Gae Boran Ancient Kata for Cowrie Shell Amulets
  98. Kata Bucha Chanting to Mae Nang Prai Dtānī Banana Tree Lady Ghost
  99. Kata Bucha Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wat Bang Pra
  100. Kata Bucha Luang Por Sotorn Buddha
  101. Kata Bucha Noo Dood Nom Maew Mouse Drink Milk from Cat’s teat Wicha for Metta
  102. Kata Bucha Por Tan Klai Wajasit
  103. Kata Bucha Pra Pakawambodee Buddha (Pra Pid Ta Sangkajjai)
  104. Kata Bucha Luang Phu Hwaen Sujjino Wat Doi Mae Pang
  105. Kata Bucha Jing Jok for Gecko Amulets
  106. The Chant of Maugdalyayana Extinguishing the Fires of Hell
  107. Kata Sek Wan 108 Incantation to Empower Sacred Herbs
  108. Thai Buddhist Chant for Holy Water Blessing

 The following 10 Kata Tutorials are also included for free;

  1. Kata Hua Jai Nak Leng Gambling Gangster Spell
  2. Kata Khun Chang Maha Sethee
  3. Kata Ruesi Hnaa Suea Tiger Faced Lersi
  4. Kata Riak Nang Lady Caller Spell
  5. Prayer to Buddha Relic of Wat Pratat Panom
  6. Kata Paya Jorakhae Crocodile Spell
  7. Kata Paya Tae Krua Kama Sutra Spell
  8. Kata Chanting for Bucha to Pra Rahu (Various Versions)
  9. Kata Mia Mai Heung Anti Jealousy Spell to Appease Spouses
  10. Love Mantras for Calling Male or Female Partners

The next compendium of 108 Kata is eagerly expected to appear within the next month or so, as Ajarn Spencer Compiles the second volume.

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Blessing Ceremony Takrut Tone Wat Sri Jantr

A pictorial documentation of the Buddha Abhiseka (Putta Pisek) at wat Sri Jantr, of the special edition series of Takrut Tone alchemically forged metal talismanic charms, with Muan Sarn Sacred Powders from the great Luang Por Kong (Kroo Ba Ajarn of Khun Phaen Legend) inserted into the hollow interior of the tubular Takrut amulet. Wat Sri Jantr is an Ancient Temnple which has had Monks staying there uninterrupted since the times of the Ayuttaya Era.

The Takrut is made using a compendium of ‘Laekh Yant’ Numerology and Sacred Geometry based Spells with Khom Agkhara Incantations inscribed on Sacred Yantra Foils, smelted into Ingots, Inscribed and empowered once more, and then cast into the metallic alchemically forged Takrut amulets we see before us in the slideshow. Blessed at Wat sri jantr, the amulets have special Muan Sarn Sacred Powders from the ancient Kroo Ba Ajarn of Supanburi Magical legend and Kroo Ba Ajarn of Khun Phaen himself, Pra Ajarn Kong. These Powerful Powders provide Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom, Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Power for Successful Profession and Invincibility/Protection.

The Takrut is useful for people of all walks of life, for it contains a compendium of Yant that cover all the many facets of Human needs;

Yant included within the spells contained in this Wicha include;

1. The Kata Pra Jao 16 Pra Ongk Dtua Phuu (Male Version) sixteen Buddha Invocation;
2. Kata Pra Jao 16 Pra Ongk Dtua Mia;
‘U MI A MI MA HI SU DTANG SU NA PUT TANG A SU NA A’ (Metta Maha Niyom Klaew Klaad)
3.Kata Maha Chadtri Bhavana Raksa Graduk Awayawa;
‘A SU SUT TĀ GĀ PA MĀTA CHĀ NA MI SU MU TU U A (Kong Grapan Chadtri)

Below; Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk

Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk Sixteen Buddhas Yantra
Yant Pra Putta Jao 16 Pra Ongk Sixteen Buddhas Yantra

These Kata have to be imbued within the first handful of rice of the almsbowl of a monk on three different occasions, and repeated for a period of three months during the rainy retreat as part of the Traimas Trimester Empowerment). This is the invocation of the Graduk Tong Daeng (copper bones) spell, which makes one invincible to normal types of weaponry. The Invocation uses the sacred Agkhara and Yantra of the Dtamra Prawaet of the Buddha Sasana (White Buddha Magic)

Below; Yant Maha Ud

The Yant Maha Ud is also embedded as a double-sided Yantra Spell within the Wicha, on one of the smelted Yantra foils used to make the ingots, which possesses both Kong Grapan Chadtri and Metta Maha Niyom Powers.

Yant Maha Ud

The Yant Pokasap was also Imbued within the Sacred Chanuan Alchemical Admixture through Inscription of the Yantra on foils smelted within the ingots, for Wealth and Treasure Accumulation, to improve wealth and prosperous living.

Below; Yant Pokasap for Wealth Increase

Yant Pokasap For Wealth And Treasures
Yant Pokasap For Wealth And Treasures

The Sacred Yant Takrut Tone was also inscribed on sacred yantra Foils for smelting into the Chanuan Alchemical metallurgical Admixture, which is considered most powerful protection against all forms of weaponry.

Below; Yant Takrut Tone

Yant Takrut Tone Gan Awut
Yant Takrut Tone Gan Awut

In addition, the Sacred Yant Gan Sakot Yantra Spell was Inscribed upon Yantra Foils for smelting into the Chanuan Muan sarn metallic Alloy, to Protect against Thieves and Robbers.

Below; Yant Gan Sakot

Yant Gan Sakot - Protection against Thieves and Burglars
Yant Gan Sakot – Protection against Thieves and Burglars

In addition, a sisxth yantras Spell in the form of an Incantation was performed and imbues, the Yant I SA WĀ SU, and a seventh Maha Yant Solos Mongkol was added to the compendium of Sacred Yantra Foil spells used for the metallurgical forging of the sacred Ingots to make the Takrut with. The Yant Maha Solos Mongkol is Universal Auspicious Blessings and karma Improvement.

Below; Yant Maha Solos Mongkol

Yant Maha Solos Mongkol
Yant Maha Solos Mongkol