Choo Chok (Jujaka lucky beggar), consecrated in Prai Oil, and sealed as a Takrut spell, from Ayuttaya Master monk Pra Ajarn  Daeng, of Wat Bom Raman. A classic amulet in original style of the Ayuttaya Master lineages, often seen to come from the great Ayuttaya Masters.

The Choo Chok amulet is finely honed into the form of the Rich Beggar Vagabond Jujaka, walking along with a staff, and his napsack slung over his shoulder, one leg advancing forwards, which insinuates advancements in the prosperity of the devotee. Choo Choke is endowed with immense Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap and Maha Lap power. Anything he asks for, he always gets. People never refuse his requests ever. Choo Chok is a wealth attractor for both Businessmen, Merchants and especially good for travelling salesmen.

The fact that Choo Chok was able to even ask for somebody’s children and get them, shows the immense attraction and power of Metta Mahaniyom which the beggar Choo Chok possesses. This is the reason why the Choo Chok Deity is such a powerful attractor of riches, because Choo Chok has a special Baramee that allows even the least likely gifts to be given with the greatest of ease. Sales are made so easily with Choo Chok to help.

A very rare talismanic charm from this Ayuttaya Guru Monk, and a classic amulet of this master, expected to remain a favourite preferred amulet for far into the future, and to maintain a high position in the Dtamniab Wadthumongkol Pantheon of Preferred Amulets  of the Ayuttaya Region Masters, and one of the more highly preferred talismanic luck-bringing amulets of the present Era.

Kata Bucha Choo Chok

Puttang Rangap Lopo Tammang Rangap Toso Sangkang Rangap Moho – Puttang Maedtaa Tammang Garunaa Sangkang Sanaehaa Khor na Khor Chan Khor Therd Khor Hmod Khor Gliang Khor Siang Khor Mai Hluea Khor Mai Hluea Hluea Khor

Kata Choo Chok for Riches

Idti Sugadto Chanaa Supo Choo Cha-Go Sugadto Idti

Alternative Kata for Mercy Charm and Jerajaa Convincing Speech

Al-Lum Bpatamang Pandtae Bpurisowaa Idtheewaa Turaehiwaa Samibpaehiwaa Thaerassa-aanupaawaena Sataahodti Bpiyang Ma Ma

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The province of Ayuttaya is renowned as being the province which always produced top Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks throughout all Eras, and this is as true in the present day, as it was in olden days. One of the present day’s most prominent Masters is Pra Kroo Kasem Janta Wimol, or commonly known as Pra Ajarn Daeng Sirijanto, of Wat Bom Raman, in Tambon Suan Prik, in Ayuttaya.

Pra Ajarn Daeng Wat Bom Raman

Pra Ajarn Daeng Wat Bom Raman

Pra Ajarn Daeng, abbot of Wat Bom Raman was a Rang Song spirit medium of the Lersi Por Gae Lersi Dta Fai Hermit God before he ordained as a monk, who dressed in white and kept precepts as a Lay master. He kept vegetarian practice to keep his body free of animal flesh to allow higher devas to enter his body, keeping eight precepts.

He would practice deep meditation, and is said to have developed his powers to be able to master Wicha within the Dtamra Saiyawaet Sorcery Grimoires through training under a Sorceror of the Eastern Surin Province, when he was traveling on Tudong forest wandering, to intensify his powers and gather Wicha through the practice of solitary wandering and the 13 rules of Tudong. He was bestowed Wicha by the Great Luang Por Phol, who was the successor to Luang Phu Jantr of Wat Nang Hnoo in Lopburi. He mastered the Kammathana practices of Luang Por Pra Kroo Kittisakti Kitisaro, who was the successor Teacher to Pra Ajarn Tamma Chote, the great Kammathana master of olden days of Wat Mahatat.

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