Look Om Prai Ngern Lan 2558 BE Edition sacred powder wish fulfilment amulet, with protection and healing power and wealth attraction magic, blessed at Wat Mai Samran on the island of Koh Lan. Contains Rae Koh Larn Lek-Lai type elemental adamantine substance within the Muan Sarn powders, which lend both healing and protection powers to the Look Om. Comes with free micron casing and temple box included.

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Sacred Powder wishing ball amulet with Rae Koh Lan magical mineral elemental substance, from Wat Koh Larn temple. Koh Larn is an island in the Gulf of Thailand where the only source of the Sacred Rae Koh Larn Kaya Siddhi substance is found, which is considered to be powerful magic for protection, wealth accumulation and healing illnesses. Devotees who suffered from mortal illnesses such as cancer have worn the Rae Koh Larn since olden days to heal their illnesses and afflictions, and many cases of healings have been recorded over time, supporting the belief in the healing powers of Rae Koh Lan.

Only the finest Muan Sarn ingredients were used, with a high quantity of Rae Koh Lan elemental substance added. Rae Koh Larn is a mysterious mineral based elemental substance which has formed on the island, and cannot be found on any other island or the mainland close by, making its presence extremely mysterious and unexplainable.

The Look Om come encased in brass micron coated bubble casing included in the price, and with original temple box. The Look Om were released with a series of Pra Khun Phaen amulets, and Kumarn Tong statuettes, in a rare edition from a temple that does not release amulets very often, making this one of the rare editions made at Wat Koh Larn, and an extremely collectible series of amulets.

Prai Ngern Lan Edition Amulets

Prai Ngern Lan Edition Amulets – Wat Koh Lan (Wat Mai Samran)

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

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