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Birthday Buddha Prayer Chanting Each Day of Week

Kata Chanting Tutorials and Phonetics for Praying to the ‘Birthday Buddhas’ – The Buddha Images allocated to each day of the week – The Best Mantras for Buddhists to perform Chanting each day of the week, can be listed in various ways, such as the Pra Sivali Chimplee Arahant has a list of different Kata to chant for each day of the week. In the case of choosing a Buddha to pray to for each day of the week as a practice, this can be incorporated with the concept of ‘Birthday Buddhas‘ where a person prays to the Buddha image attributed to the day of their birth.

Birthday Buddhas

In Thai Buddhist Cultural beliefs, a different Buddha Posture taken from different stages of the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni were attributed to the seven days of the week (with 2 Buddha images being attributed to Wednesday, one for daytime, one fo those born in the evening).

This page contains the list of different Buddhist Chanting Tutorials in Video Podcast format, for you to practice chanting the different Kata for the Buddhas of each day of the week, and for learning the specific Kata for your own ‘Birthday Buddha’