Mitmor Luang Por Derm Ancient Ritual Knife

Kata Mitmor LP Derm Wat Nong Po

Kata Chanting Tutorial for use with Mitmor Ritual Knives and Daggers, from the Great Luang Phor Derm of Wat Nong Po, in Nakorn Sawan

Kata Ārātanā Mitmor is a prayer chanting tutorial for invoking and calling upon the power of the Mitmor Ritual Knife of the Great Luang Por Derm, of Wat Nong Po. Use for invoking the power of the Great Cosmic Weapons as Incarnations of the Asura Kings and other Celestial Angelic Beings, to subdue Maras and command the spirits of the dead.

In truth, this Kata comes from the Dtamra Saiyawaet Grimoires of Ancient Sorcery, and is used by Sorcerors, when implementing the use of a Mitmor Ritual Spirit Knife to perform exorcisms, banishing, binding, and liberation of ghosts, to subdue Hoeng Prai Spirits and Phantoms. The Kata can hence be used with Mitmor knives of all varieties and from all Masters.

Singha Sariga Luang Por Derm carved Bone Singha Lion