An extreme rarity and early era talismanic animist charm from from one of the great masters of the late 24th to early 25th Century of the Buddhist Era; Luang Por Oat, of Wat Jan Sen, for Maha Amnaj Commanding Power, Klaew Klaad Evasion of Danger, Promotion and Status.

A very rare early era Maha Amnaj Kong Grapan Klaew Klaad Protective Talismanic Charm; the Sacred Look Om See Pheung Hnaa Bpaag Suea Pasom Krang Putsa, released sometime around the year 2495 – 2498 BE

The amulet is made from tiger forehead fur and skin, mixed with Powerful Krang Putsa paste, with See Pheung waxy potion, from the great Master Luang Por Oat, of Wat Jan Sen. The Look Om Hnaa Bpaag Suea Tiger Forehead and his Look Om Hnang Suea Tiger fur amulets are made using the Dtamra Grimoire of Magical Wicha he inherited from Luang Por Rung of Wat Sri Nuan, which is a very difficult Wicha to apply for Look Om Hnang Suea, due to the very complex formula of Magical ingredients which the Wicha Demands.

Not very many temples or masters every mastered or used the Wicha Look Om Hnaa Bpaag Suea Maha Amnaj,  which makes the Look Om Hnaa Bpaag Suea a very rare kind of talismanic animist charm to find from any era or any Master. The Look Om Hnaa Bpaag Suea of Luang Por Oat is extremely sought after and rare, for the many reports from devotees over the decades, of miraculously powerful effects from the amulet.



Luang Por Oat was born in 2460 BE and Ordained in the year 2481 BE and later was on 25th May 2493, elected as Abbot of Wat Jan Sen temple in Nakorn Sawan. Luang Por Oat became one of the Great Gaeji Ajarn Sorceror Monks of Nakorn Sawan,for Luang Por Oat was a direct Looksit of the Great Luang Por Derm, of Wat Nong Po. Luang Por Oat was also apprenticed in Buddha Magic to Luang Por Rung of Wat Sri Nuan.

Luang Por Oat Wat Jan Sen Nakorn Sawan

Luang Por Oat Wat Jan Sen Nakorn Sawan

Both these masters were Great Uncles of Luang Por Oat, and so it was that he received powerful Wicha directly from these lineage masters. After the passing of Luang Por Derm in 2494 BE, Luang Por Oat traveled out to continue seeking Wicha from other masters, and also received the Wicha Takrut Tone from Luang Por Chen of Wat Singh, and very closely befriended with Luang Por Prohm of Wat Chong Kae who bestowed all of his Wicha on Luang Por Oat.

In fact, Luang Por Prohm of Wat Chong Kae would only visit Wat Jan Sen and Luang Por Oat to bless amulets in unison, but never with any other temple He was highly famed for many types of amulet, especially his Takrut, and carved Ivory Pra Sivali amulets, as well as a large number of Guru Monk Coins (Rian Kanajarn), such as the Rian Dork Jig, and the Rian Bai Dtamleung, and Rian Chalorng MOndon. His Pra Somdej and Pra Pong Sacred Powder Buddha amulets are also amongst the m,ore highly revered and rare amulets of LP Oat

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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