Pha Yant Luang Phu Tim Bai Ma Plord Pai 2558 BE 40th Funeral Anniversary Edition Wat Laharn Rai . Sacred Pha Yant with the image of Luang Phu Tim Issarigo, and a plethora of the most powerful Yantra ‘maha yant’ surrounding the great Monk, including Yant Paed Daan, Yant Putsoorn, Yant Gao Yord, Yant Ongk Pra, Yant Tong Chai, Yant Paed Tidt, Yant Maha Ud, and other sacred Maha Yant (Greater Arcana of Yantra), of the greater Pantheon Grimoire of Sacred Geometry.

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Comes with free registered airmail shipping worldwide Released in the ‘La Sangkharn 40’, 40th anniversary of Luang Phu Tim‘s passing ceremony in 2558 BE at Wat Laharn Rai.

The amulets were blessed in solo meditative session by Luang Por Cheuy, and later in full Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony at Wat Laharn Rai on 1st May 2558 BE.

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The Pha Yant has the Image of Luang Phu Tim in central position, with the Kata below him in Pali;

“Itti Sukhadtõ Arahang Puttõ Namõ Puttāya Ma A U Tugkhang Anijjang Anadt-dtā Puttõ Puttõ

Pha Yant Luang Phu Tim 2668 BE Wat Laharn Rai

Pha Yant Luang Phu Tim 2558 BE Wat Laharn Rai

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