The Singto Maha Lap of Ajarn Bua is a very rare amulet indeed in the present day, which gained great fame for attracting wealthy fortunes and increasing status (promotion), as well as for increasing one’s power and influence over others (Maha Amnaj) . The amulet is a cast brazen metal Lion of Wealthy Fortunes amulet, which was blessed and released in the year 2519 BE, blessed by the Great Pra Ajarn Bua  Dtemiyo, of Wat Hlak Sila Mongkol in Nakorn Panom. The amulet comes with its original box as issued from the temple in 2519 BE, and weighs around 28 Grams with box.

The amulet is cast from Nuea Loha Aathan sorcerous sacred metal alloy with gilded coating (called ‘Galai Tong’ in Thai), and is styled very artisitically as a proud lion standing and roaring. Each of the legs of the lion have Sacred Khom Agkhara inscriptions of the Kata Hnun Tat See invocation of the four elements, which is part of the reanimation formula for empowerment of animist charms, which says ‘Na Ma Pa Ta’. A special limited edition code stamp is embossed on the stomach of the lion. The Singto Maha Lap of Ajarn Bua is a very rare item to encounter in this day and age.



Pra Ajarn Bua Dtemiyo was a very pure monk with a very rigid practice, who did not speak much and preferred to practice in silence most of the time, and was very famed for his great purity of practice. He was a monk of the lineage of Luang Phu Mun Puritato and Luang Phu Sao, of the Kammathana Forest Monk lineage, who received direct teachings from both Masters. Ajarn Bua developed his practice by method of Tudong Wandering in the style of his Mentors Luang Phu Mun and Sao, wandering the forests of the northeast Isan country and Laos. He also practiced Wicha under the tutelage of Luang Phu Jantr Khemiyo of Wat Sri Taep, and Luang Phu Rod of Wat Tung Sri Mueang in Ubon Rachathani. he was a very highly revered monk in the Province of Nakorn Panom until his passing in the year 2532 BE.

Pra Ajarn Bua Dtemiyo of Wat Hlak Sila Mongkol

Pra Ajarn Bua Dtemiyo of Wat Hlak Sila Mongkol

Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 2.5 cm
Maker of Amulet


Attributed Powers

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